Tips To Help You Avoid The Flu This Season

tips to avoid the flu

Colds and flu are notorious illnesses that strike anytime. Viruses that cause these contagious diseases are everywhere, in the air, on the train grab bars, on door knobs, or public toilet faucets. Apparently, you have different ways to keep yourself from getting infected.

Keep your hands clean.

The thing about your hands is that they’re the first part of your body that comes in contact with anything. You shake hands, touch the doorknob, and then rub your nose. Your hands are the reason why you get sick most of the time.

The good thing is it’s easy to sanitize your hands. Hand sanitizers work excellently. They’re handy if you want to keep your hands clean whether you’re in the office or on the bus. Washing your hands with soap and water is still the best way to get rid of flu-causing viruses and keep yourself from spreading pathogens to other people.

Stop touching your lips or nose.

In fact, do not put any object, which might have flu viruses on them, into your nostrils or anywhere on your face. Sounds like paranoia, but you’re better off a paranoid than a bedridden person who can’t go to work because of flu. Your hands are probably the dirtiest part of your body, because as mentioned, they come in contact with anything first. Unless you just washed your hands, don’t put them anywhere near your mouth or nose.

Exercise regularly.

Regular exercise has a long list of health benefits. One is that it builds a strong immune system. Couch potatoes get sick more often than active people. You don’t have to hit the treadmill for 2 hours. Even 30 minutes of walking every day is good enough. Just do not overdo your workout to the point of extreme exhaustion, because that is counterproductive and harmful. Make fitness a habit and you will keep the flu at bay each year.

Eat more vegetables and fruits.

Many veggies and fruits, particularly the dark green, red, and yellow ones, have lots of phytochemicals and Vitamin C, which boost your immune system. In fact, there are a lot of micronutrients in fruits and vegetables that bolster your immunity. These nutrients do not necessarily make you less prone to flu, but they may make your body more capable of fighting disease-causing agents, including flu viruses. Check out these foods that fight the flu.

Throw away your cigarettes.

How many times have experts warned about the dangers of tobacco smoke? It’s notoriously bad. Cigarette smoke has a direct effect on your nasal passages. It dries up your mucus membrane and immobilizes the cilia (tiny hairs that line your nasal passages). These two effects in turn sabotage the natural defenses of your nasal passages against pathogens and foreign bodies. This is why heavy smokers become sufferers of frequent upper respiratory tract infections.

Nix the drinks.

Another thing that you should cut back on or eliminate completely is alcohol. One of the effects of alcohol upon ingestion is dehydration. Fluid loss is bad for your whole body, including your immune system.

Get a flu vaccine.

This is probably the most important preventive measure for boosting your immunity against common flu viruses. Ask your doctor about flu vaccination if you are interested. Of course, for this year the CDC has said the vaccine is not as effective, so check that out too.

Control stress.

Stress does a lot of things in the body. It causes obesity. It causes cardiovascular problems. It also causes a decline in the function of your immune system. This is why when you’re often stressed out, when you lack proper sleep, and when you’re always fatigued, you tend to suffer easily from colds and flu. Relax! Get enough sleep. If possible, take a break from work.