How To Stay Motivated When You’re Dieting

dieting stay motivated

Dieting sucks! At least, the first few weeks does. Who said it doesn’t? How many times have you tried to control your diet and choose the food you eat only to surrender before your first week because it’s so tough and it’s not fun? We’ve been through that. But if you’re dedicated, if you really want to turn your health and life around, you will have to go through the tough part. You’ll thank yourself once you’re back in your old jeans and people start noticing your great build.

What do you do?

1. Expect that weight loss diet is hard.

Let’s not sugarcoat this by saying you can still eat lovely stuff and trim down. Yes, but most people don’t have time to cook fancy low fat recipes and all that kind of stuff you see in magazines. No, the principle of weight loss is simple–eat less than your daily caloric expenditure. This isn’t starving. You’ll instead have to eat a few hundred calories that your daily energy expenditure.

It’s tough! If you’re used to eating huge meals, you will have to shock yourself by halving your food intake, perhaps, depending on how much you used to eat every day. You will have to abandon soda and junk food. It’s hard.

2. Keep in mind that you’ll get used to it.

As mentioned, the first week or two is really dreadful. You may feel hungry all the time, because your stomach isn’t used to less food volume. Keep doing it because it’ll pay off and soon that healthy amount of food is going to feel just right. As long as you’re not starving yourself, like eating only 1000 calories a day, you’re fine.

3. Willpower is everything.

In weight loss, the first thing you will have to deal with is your mindset. If you’re not set up for this new frontier, nothing is going to happen. You will attempt to control your diet and you’ll be back in the binging game again. Put in your mind that you need to do this, for various reasons–health, fitness, looks, and whatever.

4. Expect realistic goals.

Stop looking at those silly ads about products that promise to slim you down without dieting and exercise. They are not effective. Some of them have seriously bad side effects. More importantly, healthy weight loss means losing 1-2 pounds per week. That doesn’t seem big enough, but watch yourself in 3 months. Depending on how overweight you are when you started, expect results within three months up to a year. Don’t be intimidated by those fit, sexy people you see running through the park. It took them a while to get in shape too.

5. Keep in mind that everyone had to start somewhere.

So because you saw that skinny girl helping herself to french fries doesn’t mean you’ll have to abandon your diet regimen and go back to your old eating habit. No! Well, some people have good genes. They burn fat quite easily. Others don’t, and they’ll have to work harder at getting and staying fit. Mind you, skinny people with bad eating habits will soon go fat! And fat people who are turning their lives around by making healthier food choices will soon trim down and look great. You will have to start from somewhere. Don’t be discouraged if you see fit guys and girls. Some of them used to be overweight too.