What You Need To Know About Juice Fasting

juice fasting for beginners

Juice fasting is gaining steady popularity among health enthusiasts because of its colon cleansing and fat busting benefits. But this form of fasting takes a lot of patience. A lot of people quit after a day or two because they are not used to it.

Why juice fast?

People who juice fast have different reasons for doing so. Many of them want to lose weight, and juice fasting seems the ideal way for them to shed off pounds. Other people simply want to detoxify their bodies for a few days. Others find his form of fasting as a great way of resetting their metabolism and cleansing their digestive system.

For beginners, being on fruit and vegetable juices and shakes can be off-putting. Many people don’t last longer than a day. It’s a complete challenge, taking much willpower. It’s not for the faint-hearted. But once you get used to it, the benefits are awesome. It’s actually really good for your body.

What are the benefits anyway?

Fruits and vegetables are low in calories but high in amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. You get a lot of benefits while taking a respite from your regular meals. You allow your digestive tract to take a break from the hard stuff that keep it worked up constantly every day. It’s like allowing your stomach and intestines to lay low for a while. This type of fasting also puts your body into less stress because you introduce less sugar, less fat, and less protein. Your liver and kidneys are going on a sabbatical for while.

According to proponents of juice fasting, it has a slew of awesome benefits, including skin hydration, body rejuvenation, cellular detoxification, and reduced inflammation. Read what one doctor has to say about it.

Basics of Juice Fasting

You can buy pre-processed, ready-to-consume juices or shakes, but they are expensive. You have to prepare them yourself. Buy raw fruits and vegetables. Remove the pulp and other unneeded stuff. Chop them or dice them. Then put them in a juicer. That’s it, pretty simple. You can put the shakes into a jug and take it with you at work. During your juice fasting week, you will not consume anything aside from the juices to ensure the effectiveness of the fasting.

The length of time you fast depends on your goals and experience. Beginners should try doing it for 2 days, preferably during the weekend. This site has some good tips for beginners. Some people go for a month on a juice fast, but it’s not usually recommended, as your body gets depleted of the macronutrients, which you get from regular food sources.

Downsides and Precautions

1. Seriously low calories. That means you will be on an energy slump during the duration of the fast. So make sure you don’t do it on hectic weeks.
2. Fruit and vegetable juices are not complete in macronutrients. You don’t get lots of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. They are good for weight loss and occasional detox, but not as your everyday source of energy.

3. Some preparations remove lots of fiber. Fiber is a great cleansing agent. Removing it removes much of the benefits of juice fasting.

4. It shocks your system. So go easy and start slow!