Hey there and welcome to my little corner of the web!

My name is Miranda, my friends call me Mimi, but you can just call me Little Miss Health, m’kay? I started this site as a result of wanting to learn more about my body and getting healthy. I live in a small town where everyone is just waiting to see the popular girls from high school get fat. I wasn’t popular but I was a little overweight, which is why I am determined to keep my body healthy now.

After starting this journey to get a better and healthier me, I decided that there might be other people out there in small towns who are struggling to get the healthy body that they deserve. So, whether you are one of those popular girls trying to maintain that high school figure or just a regular gal like me who wants to keep this body healthy, then you are in the right place!

Though I am not a medical or health professional, I like to take the information that I learn and break it down so that it is easier for people like me to understand. But do keep in mind that if you intend to take some of my advice that is is just my opinion as I am not qualified to dispense health information! This is just one small town gal’s experience on the rollercoaster of life when it comes to staying fit and healthy and making sense of all that information out there.

Here’s to your health!

~Little Miss Health